Dr Wade . . . somewhat Daily

In the blink of an eye . . . your life can change!

Learn to stay calm!

Answered prayers often come through difficulties!

Don't lose yourself trying to please others!

Even thankful for the scars!

In life, we must stay FLEXIBLE!

Take care of what you VALUE most! 

Chuck E Cheese . . . in Honduras?

Time is a great trainer . . . PATIENCE!

Learn from your mistakes and become better!

Sometimes we just need to talk to a four year old to understand life again! 

Your greatest achievements are closer than you think!

"Tranquilo" - relax, enjoy a little! 

Never give up!

Go out and be AMAZING today!

Twice as much time and half as much money!

If you don't choose wisely . . . you will soon be doing the wrong things!

We're better when we work together!